You can vote in these municipal elections, if:
– You are at least 18 years old
– You reside in Finland (you have a municipality of residence)
– You are a citizen of an EU member state, Iceland or Norway and have resided in Finland since 23 April, 2021.
– OR: if you have some other citizenship, you must have resided in Finland without interruption for at least 2 years by 23 April, 2021.

Please, remember to bring your ID when going to vote and use a face mask!

More information about voting 

Why to vote Green?

Here is a summary of the municipal election programme of the Greens in Mikkeli. If you wish to hear more, please contact me!

Tomorrow Mikkeli will be green!
A green Mikkeli means well-being and inclusion for all, with equal access to social and basic services – on time and at a low threshold. Sports, exercise, cultural activities and recreational opportunities add to
people’s health and happiness, so they should be easily accessible to everyone at a reasonable cost.
In a green Mikkeli, everyone will receive a safe, equal and high-quality basic education. For the city, education is a key responsibility, and sufficient resources are needed to ensure adequate support for
learning from early childhood schooling to secondary education. This is an investment in the future. A green Mikkeli will listen to all its residents and can e.g. integrate child impact assessment in all decision
A green Mikkeli is based on sustainable economy and growth. A green Mikkeli plays an important role in promoting emissions reductions and sustainable development. A fair shift to renewable energy will provide employment and create vitality throughout the region. Let’s make Mikkeli a climate pioneer, update the climate program, and give up peat burning without delay!
A green Mikkeli brings together different actors and stakeholders in a proactive way to create a sustainable lifestyle and a fair change. Let’s nurture biodiversity and the value of our unique lake region in all decision-making! Let’s prevent mining in the Mikkeli area, and save our lakes and waterways from the harmful effects of peat harvesting.
A green Mikkeli recognizes the importance of culture and arts for the prosperity of the city. Culture and art are the building blocks of civilization and important elements both in people’s well-being and the
municipality’s vitality. In a green Mikkeli, we support the operating conditions of libraries, museums, the theatre, the orchestra, and other cultural institutions.